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About Global Korea Scholarship

(For Korean)Government Scholarship for Overseas Study
To balance the development of studies by fostering world-class human resources in areas required for national strategic development, by providing financial support for fundamental fields of study.
Selection course support period
- Selection course: Master's and doctoral degree courses
2~3 years (for the US, Canada, the UK are only 2 years), However, training for engineers/ technicians is supported for less than 6 months
※ Round-trip airfare is paid separately
※ Scholarship includes all expenses required for study abroad including school expenses, living expenses, and insurance premiums.
※ Departure and return airfares are provided separately.
Selection size
70 students (40 for general, 20 for low-income family, 10 for engineers/ technicians: 4 for study abroad and 6 for national training)
Requirements for application
Anyone with a GPA of 4.0 or higher among graduates from the equivalent of 4-year domestic university programs.
※ Program for engineers/technicians is a person who graduated from the vocational high school and currently working in a small and medium-sized enterprise
Scholarship amount (per person)
- USA ($40,000), Canada ($26,000), United Kingdom (GBP 18,850)
- Other countries: $16,000 on average (Scholarship amount depends on local price conditions.)
Application procedure
Applicants must check the requirements to apply for a test for studying abroad at government expense. Applicants must then completely prepare the required documents, apply individually through the school window according to the screening schedule.
1st round(document)& 2nd round(interview)
  Assessment Criteria for the grantee
1st round
- Experience related to major
- Study Plan (include self-introduction letter)
-Select the candidates scoring in the top 40% in each assessment category (2-3 times more candidates will be selected than the number of final candidates)
2nd round
-Basic and specialized knowledge in selected field of study
- Select the candidates scoring in the top 60% of each assessment category
Last modified : 2022-01-14