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Tuition Fees in Korea

Students should consider the tuition fees before selecting the desired university at which to study. Typically, national universities have lower tuition fees than private universities. Since tuition fees may differ depending on colleges or universities, you need to confirm in advance the tuition fees for the college or the university you would like to enter.
Tuition Fees in Korea
Degree courses Field of study Tuition Fee (USD, per semester)
Associate Degree Humanities $1,470~$6,240
Sciences $1,790~$6,520
Arts and Sports $1,710~$7,260
Engineering $1,710~$6,270
Medicines -
Undergraduate Degree Humanities $1,580~$7,600
Sciences $1,570~$8,260
Arts and Sports $1,910~$8,900
Engineering $1,850~$8,760
Medicines $5,020~$11,560
Graduate Degree Humanities $1,290~$12,230
Sciences $1,550~$8,570
Arts and Sports $1,550~$6,720
Engineering $1,550~$8,940
Medicines $2,510~$10,960
Application Fee $20-$202
※ Application fees differ from university to university. Many universities have scholarships for foreign students.
※ Reference: Higher Education in Korea (
For a comfortable stay in Korea during the study period, we recommend considering the cost for transportation, study materials, dorm fees and miscellaneous expenses.
List of Costs
Type Estimated Fee(USD)
Korean language class 10weeks $1,300 ~ $1,600, 3weeks : $800
Dormitory About $420~$1,550 per semester
※ Dormitory fee is vary depending on capacity of room type and inclusive meal plan.
Food About $300~$400 per month
※ A meal in the school cafeteria typically costs around $3.2~
Rent (outside school) $300 per month (plus a security deposit of $3,000 ~ $5,000)
Boarding house $300 ~ $500 per month
Medical insurance $20 per month ~
Transportation Bus: $1.0~ $1.2
Subway: $1.1~$2.5
lnternet $20 per month
※ Other fees depend heavily on whether the campus is located in a metropolis or suburb area. Thus, determining the exact location of the campus in advance is recommended.